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Hey There! I’m Timothy Schilliger, an unceasing explorer, storyteller, and entrepreneur at heart. Since my childhood, my mind has ventured into realms of vivid imagination and boundless curiosity. Those youthful adventures have evolved, manifesting into a successful career where the line between a business entrepreneur and an explorer is beautifully blurred.

My journey has seen me founding and successfully selling two businesses, both in the publishing industry. This background has propelled me into collaborations with both international big names and burgeoning local startups, where I wield my expertise in business strategy and storytelling to craft narratives that resonate and inspire.

Yet, life’s true essence isn’t just captured in corporate successes. It’s found in the adventures that pepper our personal stories, in the dreams that we chase relentlessly, and in the bonds that we forge and nurture along the way. This philosophy has taken my wife Christel and me across the boundaries of over 30 countries, absorbing the rich tapestries of diverse cultures and traditions.

After a fulfilling chapter of business accomplishments, we granted ourselves the gift of time, immersing ourselves in a two-year Asian sojourn — with one vibrant year in Thailand and another soaking up the tranquility and picturesque landscapes of Bali. These travels not only stamped our passports but also enriched our souls, offering fresh perspectives and igniting new passions.

Now, we find ourselves weaving new narratives in the sun-kissed locales of San Diego, California. But no story is complete without a trusty sidekick; enter Max, our spirited dog who brings an extra dose of joy and companionship to our adventures, perfectly completing our « dream team. »

When I’m not immersed in my entrepreneurial endeavors, you’ll likely find me pushing the limits on my bike or honing my strength at the gym. As an accomplished endurance athlete, my journey has taken me through some of the most grueling and competitive cycling events around the world. I take great pride in being a multi-time Ironman finisher, a testament to my perseverance and determination. This facet of my life not only fuels my physical vigor but has also instilled in me the true value of persistence and the beauty of camaraderie that is so inherent in these sports. It’s in these moments of grit and unity that I find a pure, undiluted joy, a reflection of my ever-questing spirit, constantly reaching for new heights.




Greetings from sunny San Diego, California! Right now, my focus is steadfast on nurturing and growing iD MKG LLC, where we’re weaving a fresh narrative in the travel publishing industry. Our mission? To ignite the spirit of adventure in every individual, urging them to embrace exploration, create beautiful memories, and collect stamps in their passports that tell tales of wonder. Each day unfolds as a vibrant chapter in our exciting journey, offering glimpses of the adventure that awaits each one of us in the corners of this beautiful world. I invite you to be a part of this exhilarating journey; explore our world at www.idmkg.com and let’s build a community where dreams and adventures flourish.


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Thank you immensely for considering collaboration with me. Over the years, I’ve had the honor of working with numerous startups and established companies, bringing a wealth of experience and a touch of innovation to every project. Currently, my energies are fully channeled into fostering growth at iD MKG LLC, where we’re crafting a revolutionary narrative in the travel industry. While I am not available for consulting or collaborations at this time, I deeply appreciate your interest and support. Here’s to potential future adventures and fruitful collaborations!


giving back

On the bustling journey of entrepreneurship, I’ve always reserved a sacred space for giving back, weaving threads of compassion and support into the very fabric of my professional life. Through my company Winter Pass, we were the pioneers in integrating the visionary « EcoFranc » initiative by the Summit Foundation, and also joined forces with globe-trotting friends in the « Riding for Water » campaign, who were spreading hope across the world one water filtration system at a time. This journey also guided me to lend a helping hand to the Seven Association, illuminating lives by promoting sports activities for individuals with mental disabilities.

My adventures further propelled me into framing marketing strategies for a non-profit in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that is on a heartfelt mission to advocate for composting techniques. These efforts aim to mitigate the widespread burning in rice fields, thereby assisting in enhancing air quality – a pressing concern in that region.


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